Sky-light tile


Skylight tiles are roofing type that allows light to penetrate 90 to 95% that are ideal for the places need indoor lighting. They do not only save energy, but also help reduce indoor humidity.

Skylight tiles are made of high quality plastic polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), ensuring the ability to be penetrable by light and durability in all weather conditions, even when the temperature goes up to 800°C.


  • Lightweight materials and eco- friendly.
  • Beautiful shape with transparent adhesive to absorb sunlight into your home.
  • Nice and luxury design suitable for interior decoration in the families.
  • Natural colors and especially not fade and stable gloss
  • Non-slip, non-permeable, not moldy, not warp or no shrinkage over time
  • Easy, clean and fast construction to save time and cost.
  • Protect the health of consumers in changing weather conditions
  • Easily change materials as well as re-usable in case of dislocation.
  • Good impact-resistant


Designed size: 424 x 336 mm
Useful area: 340 x 300 mm
The minimum slope: 17°
The maximum slope (for the specific installation): 90°
The minimum vertical overlap: H.264
Number of tiles per m²
* Batten spacing 340mm: 9 tiles/m²
* Batten spacing 320mm: 10.4 kg/m²
Weight (Approximate)
*Batten spacing 340mm: 7.9 kg/m²
*Batten spacing 320mm: 8.4 kg/m²
*1000 tiles: 0.8 tons


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